Products of this kind are usually used on horizontal reciprocating table surface grinders, vertical spindle rotary table or reciprocating table surface grinders, or horizontal spindle rotary table surface grinders materials to be ground include cast iron, nonferrous metal, soft steel, hardened steel, 300(or 400) series stainless steel, tool and high speed steel, die steel, malleable iron & steel castings, alnico, brass, bronze, chrome plate, etc.
The abrasive material and bond type of the wheel is to be chosen on the material to be grind.

Straight Grinding Wheels(Type 1)


Cylinder Wheels(Type 2)


Grinding Wheels, Recessed One Side (Type 5)


Grinding Wheels, Recessed Two Sides (Type 7)


Grinding Wheels, Dished & Recessed Same(Type 23)


Grinding Wheels, Dished & Recessed both Sides(Type 26)


Grinding Wheels, Raised Hub One Side(Type 38)


Grinding Wheels, Type 1, N Face








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